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Pets must be current on yearly vaccinations to receive services.

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Yes, Cats Too!


As cat owners ourselves, we want to help your feline companions look and feel pawsitively purrfect, treating them  with dignity and the respect they deserve. Contrary to popular belief, felines do not groom themselves. To get clean they lick themselves, spreading dirt and saliva all over their fur. Saliva contains a protein (Fel D1) which unfortunately promotes allergic reactions in people. Cat have oily skin, as it builds up it gets into the fur. The oil/grease and saliva act as a bonding agent. The dead/loose fur sticks to the cats coat eventually forming mats/pelts. Regular bathing/grooming will help prevent this from happening as it helps reduce shedding and dander. Reducing shedding will also decrease your cats hairball "issues". Another benefit to regular scheduled bathing/grooming sessions is early detection of health issues. While working on your kitty we sometimes are able to spot health issues that may have gone otherwise unnoticed and could have caused more serious problems later on. Grooming should not be a negative experience. Some cats take to grooming right away, while others need some time to adjust. Since customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities, we take special care to listen to every word you say (preferences, requests, likes, dislikes) and do our very best to groom your cat the way you want every time. Some cats might be to "difficult" to work on, it happens occasionally. If that is the case for your cats safety and well being (as well as our own) we will not complete services requested and will contact you immediately to pick up your cat. Sometimes we may take longer than anticipated working on your feline so if we do not give you a pick-up time we will call you when your furry friend is ready to go home. We ask that you please pick up you cat promptly after the appointment as we may have dogs their at the same time. Remember, even though cats seem independent they need just as care and attention as any other pet. So call us today to find out how we can help your feline friend feel and look like the cats meow. Currently, cat services are available by appointment only and have limited availability during hours of operation.


Because pricing varies from cat to cat, we ask that you call us for details.


Our basic bathing package includes: nail trim, ear cleaning, shampoo lather, rinse repeat! Fluff dry, de-shedding comb out and a splash of cologne

$40 and up

Our basic grooming package includes: nail trim, ear cleaning, shampoo lather, rinse repeat! Fluff dry, de-shedding comb out, trim/clip and a splash of cologne

$80 and up


We also offer the following services that can either be an add-on to any bathing package, grooming package or as a stand-alone service and will be charged separately.


$15 per 15mins

$60 per hour 

De-Shedding Brush Out

$15 per 15mins

$60 per hour 

Spot Shave

(Shaving over 30% of the coat will be charged as a full shave)

$15 per 15mins

$60 per hour 

Sanitary Shave

$15 per 15mins

$60 per hour 

Sanitary Trim

$15 per 15mins

$60 per hour 

Tummy Shave

$15 per 15mins

$60 per hour 

Tummy Trim

$15 per 15mins

$60 per hour 

Lion Cut

$60 and up

Teddy Bear Cut

$100 and up

Toe Tuft Trim


Nail Trim





Taxes not included.



* This service is not included in any of our packages, but can be added in if you require and will be charged separately. Please note that you will only be charged for the time we take to do this service. If we did not take an hour to work on your dog you will not be charged for the full hour.



Green Groom Clean Shampoo is used (twice or until your cat is squeaky clean) in all grooming packages. If you would like, you may upgrade to one of our premium shampoos or add a conditioner. Please visit Our Shampoos & Conditioners page for selection.



All quotes given over the phone are subject to change upon seeing your cat. Bathing and grooming costs are based on the coat length and condition of your cat. Please visit and read our Paws Clause page for full disclaimer.


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